Michael JF Wright, CEO

Michael JF Wright is a member of the Wrights of Howth family, which operates a thriving national and international fish and seafood business. In his youth, he worked closely with his father on all aspects of the family business. Independently, he has established himself, over the past twenty years, as a highly successful entrepreneur in the hospitality sector. In the 1980s, he left his hometown of Dublin and worked in various bars in New York, learning the hospitality trade and gathering ideas. Fast-forward to 1996, Wright returned to Ireland with new-found knowledge and opened Wrights Bloody Stream in Howth. He took a derelict train station and transformed it into one of the most stylish and successful bars in the country. In 1998 he acquired a lonely roadside bar in the idyllic Strawberry Beds near Chaplizod on the River Liffey. Using his expertise, he transformed it into the bustling Gastro Pub, Wrights Anglers Rest. Despite its relatively remote location, The Anglers Rest is a boutique pub, a highly sought after wedding venue, and has also enjoyed a bustling local and tourist trade over the past number of years. Since then, he has gone on to develop a number of other pubs and late-night venues. His disciplined approach and strong work ethic, which he inherited from his parents, has attributed to his ongoing success and the growth and development of the Michael JF Wright Hospitality Group. Michael’s philosophy in life is – “Dream it, believe it, achieve it.” Wright Family Tree